Revitalize Your Hair Starting at the Scalp

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Steaming isn't just for your clothes. It has healing benefits for your hair and scalp too. Get in touch with Landmark Lux to schedule your first steam treatment in Casper, WY. Steam opens your hair cuticles, so treatments and oils can penetrate deeper for maximum hydration. It also softens the skin cells on your scalp, which helps remove dead skin and increase circulation.

Strengthen and soften your hair today by booking a steam treatment appointment at Landmark Lux.

Say goodbye to shaggy hair

The caveman look is out of style, so it's time to clean up your act. The specialists at Landmark Lux are here to help you transform your style. We offer:

  • Beard trims
  • Combo trims
  • Traditional cuts
  • Mustache trims
  • Steam treatments
Start making the right impression at work and in your social life by booking a mustache or beard trim today.